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caterpillar in the tree, how you wonder who you'll be.

it's been, what, FOREVER since i've updated this thing? xD
I guess I just know that hardly anyone reads my journal.
Okay, make that nobody.
I really just come on here for communities and stuff, but I figure I'd give a quick post and let you all know what's up.
Absolutely nothing.
I role play at these amazing places disneynetooc  and 365daysooc  and all of my one shots [aka. there's only one now but there will be more soon] are over at poloroidsxx .
That's honestly all that's been happening.
I got decent seats for the JB concert on July 17th in Boston this summer.
Yay! :D
Yeah. Really. I'll stop boring you now. (:

xx P.

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